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Hogwarts Legacy: where to get a phoenix and how to catch it


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phoenix hogwarts legacy

‘Fascinating creatures, phoenixes’ (pic: YouTube/Warner Bros.)

The phoenix is among the rarest and most magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy and naturally that means it’s quite hard to capture one…

Magical creatures are an essential part of the Wizarding World, with Hogwarts Legacy giving aspiring Magizoologists the chance to rescue them and keep them in their own vivariums. 

From furry kneazles to unicorns and hippogriffs, you can find all kinds of beasts when you’re exploring the game’s open world, but not a phoenix. 

However, there is a way to get one and collect its precious phoenix feathers, by taking up house elf Deek’s offer to go on a side quest. 

How can you catch a phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy?

After you’ve unlocked the Room of Requirement, you’ll get access to a series of side quests with Deek, where he’ll teach you how to catch beasts and give you a nab-sack to keep them in, before releasing them in your vivarium. 

To freshen up your memory, you can access your vivarium through the Room of Requirement and keep up to 12 beasts there. 

When you finish the Foal of the Dead quest to breed thestrals, and learn how to breed beasts, you’ll get the Phoenix Rising quest – given you are far enough in the story and you have also reached level 20.

Deek will ask you to go and find the legendary bird and advise you it’s located in the south of the map, at the Phoenix Mountain Cave floo flame in the Poidsear Coast region. 

phoenix mountain cave hogwarts legacy

Go all the way up to the mountain to spot the phoenix (pic: Mapgenie.io)

Once you arrive, you’ll have to fight off poachers and spiders, so make sure you come prepared. Defeat them and head to the top of the mine by the nest, where you can simply take out your nab-sack and capture the phoenix. 

However, be careful when you leave the mine, as there will be a giant spider ready to catch you in its webs. 

After that, you’ll be free to return to your Room of Requirement and set the phoenix free in your vivarium. 

Unfortunately, the phoenix is the only beast you can’t breed, as there’s only one for you to catch and keep in the game. 

As many players have reportedly spotted a basilisk lurking in the Hogwarts castle, it might prove rather useful to keep a phoenix, given its tears are the only known antidote to basilisk venom. 

It’s still unclear exactly how you can trigger the basilisk appearing or if there’s a special Chamber of Secrets quest, but more information will likely come to light as players clock in more and more hours. 

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