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Elden Ring Detectives Have Some Wild Theories About the DLC — Here Are the Best Ones


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The primary “Elden Ring” DLC was lastly introduced in a single day, sending followers feral in a determined quest to analyse the announcement picture for every thing it’s price. Titled “Shadow of the Erdtree”, the DLC nonetheless has no launch date or synopsis, however that hasn’t stopped the Elden Ring subreddit from exploding with questions and theories.

See, the DLC was introduced with a single picture that reveals a determine with flowing blonde braids driving Torrent, your trusty steed from the sport. Torrent and his rider are in a discipline of wheat, with spectral gravestones scattered round them, and a large, twisted tree looms within the distance. Not like the Erdtree, this one largely appears like a standard tree — apart from the golden sap that’s dripping from the trunk.

“Elden Ring” is a confounding sport that hides its lore in merchandise descriptions, throwaway dialogue, and environmental storytelling at the perfect of occasions. The picture appears easy, however followers know there are clues for the DLC’s story hidden all through. This super high-res version of the image is nice for zooming in on the little particulars and has positively enabled a number of the theorising. With out additional ado, listed here are the perfect “Shadow of the Erdtree” theories the Elden Ring group has give you to date.

The Determine Within the Picture Is Miquella

Regardless of by no means showing within the sport, Miquella is without doubt one of the most necessary characters in “Elden Ring”. The son of Queen Marika and Radagon, and the dual brother of Malenia, the sport’s hardest boss, Miquella is a demigod who’s cursed to everlasting childhood. Maleina is likewise cursed, though Miquella has promised to carry her curse, a feat he has but to realize. He’s recognized for his lengthy, blonde hair and complex braids — which just about completely match the hair of the determine driving Torrent.

This is Miquella in the image 100% . All the braids align
by u/shonsei in Eldenring

In the course of the occasions of the sport, Miquella is sealed inside a cocoon deep underground in Mohgwyn Palace. In an try to interrupt his personal curse, Miquella grew a brand new Erdtree and positioned himself inside, however is minimize from the trunk earlier than the method will be accomplished. Gamers who defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood will discover Miquella’s cocoon positioned on an altar within the palace, and one wizened arm breaking by way of the shell.

Followers imagine that whether it is Miquella within the picture, Shadow of the Erdtree could also be a prequel or set in a dream realm. Maybe we’ll be enjoying as Miquella making an attempt to return to the Lands Between and break his curse. Or, given “Elden Ring”s fondness for ethical ambiguity, we is likely to be making an attempt to cease Miquella from returning.

It’s Not the Erdtree — It’s the Haligree

Regardless of being named within the DLC, it positive doesn’t appear like the Erdtree within the announcement picture. The Erdtree is a huge, golden tree with a ramrod straight trunk. Even for those who *spoiler alert* set hearth to it, the Erdtree is spectral and clear, virtually prefer it’s a mirrored image or projection. The Haligree, then again, could be very actual, and matches in properly with the Miquella principle as a result of Miquella is the one who grew the Haligree.

Rising disillusioned with the Golden Order and the Erdtree, the image of the Order’s energy, Miquella started watering a sapling together with his personal blood within the hopes that it might develop into a brand new Erdtree. That is the tree he sealed himself inside, however when Mohg minimize him from the wooden the tree started to wither and decay. The tree within the picture appears rather a lot just like the Haligree — maybe smaller, which might match with the prequel principle — and which may clarify the golden sap that’s dripping from the branches. Maybe that’s the place Mohg minimize Miquella from?

Am I wrong if I think that DLC’s tree looks more like Miquella sacred tree than the Erdtree itself ?
by u/5tory_0f_5hep in Eldenring

The Haligree Is the Shadow of the Erdtree

In “Elden Ring”, shadows are highly effective beasts sworn to guard those that would grow to be gods. Blaidd is Ranni’s shadow, as Maliketh is Queen Marika’s. The sport additionally makes use of shadows to signify the opposite half of necessary individuals, locations, or issues. Maybe the tree within the picture is actually the shadow beast of the Erdtree, and the DLC will contain dismantling the Golden Order as soon as and for all. Or perhaps it’s extra consistent with a quest to revive stability and free will to the Lands Between by placing the Erdtree’s shadow able of energy.

It’s Really Two Bushes Twisted Round Every Different

Yet one more principle concerning the “Shadow of the Erdtree” picture is that it’s not only one tree however two joined collectively. Some are questioning if it’s the Erdtree and Haligtree mixed, though certainly that would solely occur in a dream realm as a result of the 2 are literally far aside.

As Redditor LinAndAViolin said, “For those who take a look at Morgott’s throne room, you may see two sorts of leaves so I’ve been speculating rather a lot with individuals about that one — whether or not a tree that isn’t the Erdtree is corrupting or was being corrupted by the Erdtree.”

The Erdtree Is Contaminated With Loss of life Blight

For those who zoom in on the tree, you may see black particles floating round it. This is likely to be ash, or it is likely to be Loss of life Blight, which means that the Erdtree is contaminated. Within the sport, Loss of life Blight is a standing impact that kills you immediately if it builds too excessive. The identical is likely to be about to occur to the Erdtree.

This principle is getting extra in direction of the unlikely finish of the spectrum, nevertheless it’s price noticing that the O in “Shadow” resembles the Cursemark of Loss of life and the Mending Rune of the Loss of life-Prince, two objects associated to the dying of a demigod.

Can’t wait for death blight swamp
by u/Rotten_Blade in Eldenring

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